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PD Week 2017

November 20 - 24
Hilton Lac-Leamy

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Industry Roundup


With Canada's 150th birthday approaching, Canucks are keeping a close eye on how celebrations will affect their wallets. A poll from Ipsos Public Affairs shows that most Canadians feel $500 million is too much cash to throw down on special events and infrastructural investments that are coming with the country's sesquicentennial. Read more

The current debate over the establishment of the Canada Infrastructure Bank seems to be more about politics and ideology than about securing Canada's economic future through renewed infrastructure. Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong economy.  Read more

Intergenerational income mobility is so much more than your kids doing a little bit better than you did. The expectation that each generation will be more prosperous than the one that came before helps to erode class barriers, persuades the struggling immigrant that her sacrifices...  Read more

Low interest rates have 'done their job,' Bank of Canada governor says
Stephen Poloz's comments fed speculation about a Bank of Canada rate hike as early as its next scheduled announcement in two weeks. Statements in recent weeks by Stephen Poloz, governor of the Bank of Canada, above, and the bank's senior deputy governor, Carolyn Wilkins, have suggested the bank is moving closer to its first rate increase in nearly seven years.  Read more

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June 30, 2017

Feature Articles

Why Should Cyber Security Risk Management Matter?
Gillian Fawcett

Photodune -19966212-cybercrime -through -the -internet -xl (2) You only have to look at recent events to see what damaging impact a cyber attack can have on organizations globally. Most recently a global cyber attack crippled the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, hit international shipper FedEx and infected computers in 150 countries.  Read more

About TED* - A Tale of Empowerment
(Book Review)
David Emerald

Photodune -8091463-happy -business -team -celebrating -a -success -with -arms -up -x 500 Cropped

Perhaps we all have a Vicki-the-Victim in our lives or have acted as one ourselves, but there are proven ways to escape a life devoid of the optimism and joy that every person deserves. For those who want to commit to change, or suggest change to a friend, reading The Power of TED* is a great place to start.  Read more

Chapter News From

St. John's
It was a busy Winter and Spring for the FMI St. John's Chapter. Its well-attended session in February featured a provincial update from Terry Paddon, the Auditor General of Newfoundland and Labrador. A half-day session, "PSAB Update", followed in March with Michael Puskaric and Dave Warren from the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB).  Read more
On March 22nd, the FMI Halifax Chapter hosted a morning session titled "Which Comes First, the Program or the Program Evaluation? - The Cost and Accountability of Program Delivery". The Chapter welcomed speakers Nancy Carter, President of the Canadian Evaluation Society (Nova Scotia Chapter), and Dr. Marcus Sharaput, Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University.   Read more
The Fredericton Chapter was pleased to host a breakfast event on April 27, 2017 with guest speaker Mr. Gordon Gilman, Deputy Minister of Treasury Board, Province of New Brunswick. Mr. Gilman's presentation focused on the priorities that the Government of New Brunswick established over the last year.   Read more
On April 5th, IGF-Québec welcomed Pierre Fortin, PhD, who shared his expertise in economics with his presentation « Les finances du Québec d'ici 2030 : Comment garder le cap malgré les vents de face » (Quebec's Financial Situation by 2030: How to Stay the Course in Spite of Facing Winds, in English).  
Read more
With summer finally closing in, the FMI-Capital Chapter (FMI-CC) Board of Directors invites you to celebrate the Chapter's accomplishments over the past year. On May 11th, FMI-CC hosted its third PD Day learning event of the program year, exploring the emerging requirements in financial, human resources, and procurement systems, and discovering how risk-based internal controls have become a key success indicator for government departments.  Read more
It was a busy spring for the FMI Manitoba Chapter! With over 200 delegates gathering in Winnipeg from the Province and across Canada for PSMW 2017, planning for the event became a priority. And what an event it was! Not only was it an excellent opportunity to network with fmi*igf members from across Canada, it was also a unique hands-on learning opportunity.   Read more
On March 24th, certified executive coach, Kellie Garrett, facilitated a half-day workshop "Leadership and Employee Engagement - How to Inspire Employees in Challenging Times". The workshop provided participants with practical information and tools to enhance employee engagement in their organizations, such as what drives engagement...   Read more
On May 17th, 176 attendees learned about mental health in the work place at FMI-Edmonton's session "Building a Healthy Workplace". The morning started with a hearty breakfast, followed by speakers Scott Alywin from Covenant Health, Georgette Reed and Pamela Kollrosshe from the City of Edmonton. Read more
In March, the Victoria Chapter hosted a breakfast session on "The Future of Finance" presented by Chris Kiode, Senior Advisor, Bambora (formerly BeanStream). Following the presentation was a dynamic panel discussion on industry perspectives on bitcoins. On May 24-25, the Chapter joined forces with the CPA BC Victoria/Southern Vancouver Island Chapter to host a 2-day financial management workshop.   Read more
News From National Office 2
On May 24th, FMI presented its latest webinar "Canada's New Infrastructure Program - Following the Money" with Peter Weltman from the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.  Broadcast from the 2017 21st Annual PPX Symposium in Ottawa, the webinar provided a deconstruction of the New Infrastructure Program (NIP), the challenges of linking budget measures to program/project results, and the risks of planned policy outcomes.  Read more