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St. John's Chapter

St. John's

Chapter Logo 250pixA message the President of the St. John's Chapter

I would like to welcome you to the St. John's Chapter's website of the Financial Management Institute (FMI). The chapter was established in November 2002 and has enjoyed a very favorable response from Federal and Provincial governments, as well as the Private Sector and Non-Profit organizations in the St. John's area.

The Executive committee intends to support professional development in St. John's with financial management presentations based upon areas of interest expressed by our membership.

Please visit our Chapter Events for more information about new and upcoming events. Previous events are also listed to provide information for prospective members about the nature and scope of professional development events we offer. The website will be updated as more details become available on upcoming events.

New members are welcome at any point during the year.

John Martin


What is fmi*igf?

The Financial Management Institute (fmi*igf) of Canada is a dynamic, contemporary organization for professionals dedicated to the management of public sector resources. Nationally, there are approximately 2,400 members.

Commencing in 1975, the FMI embarked upon a strategy of engaging government and government-related professionals in national and local PD initiatives to improve our ability to provide the highest level of financial management. By the 1980s, six chapters were formed across the country, and currently, 14 chapters exist today. The St. John's Chapter was formed in 2002.

The Objectives of the Institute

To promote members' understanding of the financial management practices of the Public Sector;

To inform members of developments in Public Sector financial management practices through meetings, seminars, lectures, a professional journal, articles, news bulletins, and other suitable means as determined by the Board of Directors;

To actively facilitate and encourage the integration of the financial function with the broader management function and promote a more professional and progressive financial community.