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A Message from the Co-Chair

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Hi, I am Jean Farley, the Co-Chair of the Aspiring Leaders Network (ALN).  I'm currently a financial analyst with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. 

I started volunteering with the Aspiring Leader Network (ALN) in August of 2016, and it has helped my professional development by giving me the opportunity to work with other volunteers who are dedicated to promoting the Canadian financial community. 

We've organized multiple webinars that have helped people in their career development and provided guidance on how to address certain situations in the workplace. 

I had the pleasure of hosting my first webinar last year on Effective Management of Team Conflicts with retired Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer at Transport Canada, André Morency. As I was hosting the webinar, I learned a lot from André on how to handle these types of situations, not only at work, but in my personal life. These are the kind of opportunities that I would like to share with others. 

The Financial Management Institute of Canada (fmi*igf) has allowed us to host events during its Professional Development (PD) Week, generating consistent attendance every year. In 2017, our event highlighted generational differences, but also explained how we could overcome these differences for the benefit of the organization. It was a successful event, not only because of the attendance, but also because of the participation in the activities and discussion.

In the future, I hope to see more participation from anyone who aspires to make a difference and create lifelong connections in the process. There are numerous stakeholders out there that we would like to connect with, and collaboration will allow us to reach even more individuals than ever before. I encourage you to participate in this great cause, and to get in touch with us if you have any questions on the ALN.

Jean Farley
Co-Chair, Aspiring Leaders Network

Jean Farley

Co-Chair of the Aspiring Leaders Network