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Operational Plan

fmi*igf Operational Plan 2013-2014



By 2016, fmi*igf will have an effective and streamlined, accountable Board of Directors with a succession plan and clear lines of decision-making.

Operational Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Put in place a new board governance structure.
  2. Articulate and agree upon decision-making roles and responsibilities of Chapters, National and National Office.
  3. Introduce Project Management tools, templates and oversight, supported by a new Special Director of Strategic Planning and Performance position.

Chapter and National Product Growth

By 2016, all chapters are thriving sustainably through the provision of relevant, high-quality products that experience increasing levels of involvement and participation.

Operational Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Identify additional back-office services to be utilized by chapters.
  2. Inventory and assess current product and service offerings.
  3. Increase awareness of fmi*igf brand benefits and impacts.

Thought Leadership

By 2016, fmi*igf has a pulse on all emerging issues and trends and is the "go-to" source for public sector financial management information through high-quality, innovative, relevant, timely products and services.

Operational Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Inventory and prioritize current and potential affiliations.
  2. Ensure high priority partnerships are actually established and in place.
  3. Establish clear objectives and processes for thought leader.
  4. Hire/engage an fmi*igf thought leader.

National Recognition

By 2016, there is increased awareness of fmi as a national organization among key current and future stakeholders.  

Operational Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Develop a marketing plan for all Chapters, and National Products.
  2. Initiate the implementation of the marketing plan.
  3. Initiate discussion with professional accounting entities for recognition as PD source.

Engagement of Aspiring Leaders

By 2016, at national and chapter levels, aspiring leaders are fully represented on program committees and actively engaged in events and event design.
Operational Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Identify an Aspiring Leader Network champion.
  2. Draft Term of Reference for the ALN.
  3. Ensure the structure is in place and functioning prior to PD week.
  4. Seek support of financial management community leaders for ALN.