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Member Benefits

Access to people, access to knowledge
Resource management is complex - especially in the public sector, where the challenges of accountability are in many ways unique. Today, more than ever, resource management professionals in the public sector need regular access to new information, expertise and ideas.

Members of fmi*igf gain that access through:

  • An exchange of ideas at…
    Annual national conferences
    Local chapter seminars, workshops and luncheons
  • Networking with…
    Professional colleagues
    Financial/resource management professionals 
  • Access to up-to-date research and analysis on…
    Government issues 
    Best practices 
    New technologies
  • Development of new approaches from…
    A professional exchange of ideas
    Access to a high-quality professional journal
  • Acquisition of technical and managerial skills by…
    Participation in skill development programs
  • Contributing to the profession through…
    Involvement on fmi*igf committees