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fmi*igf 50th Anniversary

FMI50-Medium (RGB) 250pixThe Financial Management Institute of Canada (fmi*igf) celebrates its 50th anniversary during its 2012-2013 fiscal year.  The 50th Anniversary Committee is comprised of fmi*igf members who have been diligently collaborating to develop a plan of activities and initiatives to mark and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fmi*igf organization.  We are proud of half a century of sharing best practices and striving for excellence in public sector financial management. Hundreds of dedicated individuals across the country have contributed their time and energy to make fmi*igf what it is today.

fmi*igf's 50th Anniversary year of celebrations was kicked-off at Public Sector Management Workshop (PSMW 2012) in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  The Autumn 2012 issue of the fmi*igf Journal was transformed into the 50th anniversary commemorative issue.  This issue takes us down memory lane with a history at a glance segment which highlights the major milestones of fmi*igf's existence as well as the history of its Chapters. Articles on the finance officers' community, e-payments and financial systems from the 1970's and 1990's have been republished with new updated articles representing the evolution of these subject matters over the last 20 to 35 years. We could not celebrate the last 50 years of fmi*igf without reminiscing about its two annual flagship events: PD Week and the PSMW.  Many pictures taken during these events as well as Chapter events may hopefully bring back fond memories.

Celebrations continued during PD Week 2012 in Ottawa.  Thursday, November 29th, dubbed FMI Day, was dedicated as a tribute fmi*igf's 50th anniversary with a fanfare of special activities. Commemorative 50th anniversaries activities are taking place at all fourteen Chapters of fmi*igf across the country.

Special celebrations will continue until June 2013, wrapping up at PSMW 2013 in Toronto, June 2nd - 4th.

During the past fifty years, the volunteer members behind the Financial Management Institute have been recognized as leaders in the domain of financial management. Whether leading wide-scale public sector change initiatives or providing financial advice for public sector programs, its members have worked selflessly and tirelessly towards financial management excellence, undaunted by the work or challenges encountered. Congratulations for your dedication and your significant achievements throughout the past fifty years!  Continued success during the next fifty years!

Sarah Labelle And Jean Laporte (2) 375pix Jean L. Laporte, FCMA and Sarah Labelle - Special Co-Directors, fmi*igf 50th Anniversary Committee

fmi*igf 50th Anniversary Committee

Derwin Banks
Serge Boisseau
Cheryl Elliott
Ernest El-Zarka
Lyne Gélinas
Anik Lapointe
Bruce Meredith
Jim Quinn
Barbara Thompson
Sarah Tobun