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Message from the fmi*igf President ~ November 10, 2017

President's Farewell Message

What an incredibly eventful and productive year it has been for the Financial Management Institute of Canada (fmi*igf). Being its President through Canada's 150th birthday has made this even more special for me. I am more than grateful to have been able to lead this organization as it grows and expands its impact on the Canadian public sector.

Final President Update Pic 3Recently, the fmi*igf National Board met in Vancouver to reconfirm the priorities of its Strategic Plan for the next year. During that session, many accomplishments were identified. I would like to take the opportunity to list some of those accomplishments:

  • Another successful PSMW, this year in Winnipeg.
  • After bidding adieu to Mathieu Langelier, National Office welcomed Christopher Egan as its new Chief Executive Officer.
  • The Governance Structure is now in its final stages of implementation (it has been three-year process).
  • The National Office created a micro website for PD Week 2017 (have you seen the lineup for this year!!).
  • Continually building strong relations with CPA Canada, ACFO and fmi*igf's partner to the South, the Association of Government Accountants (AGA), as well as with many key senior executives in government (both Federal and Provincial).
  • The finishing touches on the e-Course are nearly done. The first module, focused on Leadership, will expand fmi*igf's impact across the public service (keep your eye out for it!!).
  • The Board Orientation and Chapter President Orientation packages are now available to all Chapters and National Board members.
  • Improvements to corporate reporting processes.
  • The Chapter Advisory Committee has been working diligently on Volunteer Engagement this year.

This is an organization that I have been proud to serve as President. fmi*igf is supported by a vast number of dedicated people, in Ottawa and across the country, who volunteer their time to provide cost-effective professional development to public servants. Everyone should continue to be proud of that.

And last but not least, I need to acknowledge the efforts of our National Office Staff without whom we couldn't be the organization we are.

Thanks to everyone for a very successful year.

Final President Update Pic 1

Martha Okot Thomas, CPA CA

fmi*igf National President 2016-2017

M Thomas2