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Message from the fmi*igf President ~ August 1st, 2017

President's Update

Happy July!!

I hope everyone is enjoying some annual leave or finding time to relax in the sun. With some of the weather patterns these days, I know it can be a challenge. My recent flight out of Boston was delayed due to thunderstorms!!

POT2017 2Speaking of Boston, one of the incredible benefits of being part of fmi*igf is that we get to travel to many different parts of Canada (PSMW 2017 was in Winnipeg), as well as the United States. This year our affiliate organization, the Association of Government Accountants (AGA), held its annual Professional Development Training Conference (PDT2017) in Boston. Similar to fmi*igf's PD Week in November, PDT is held over four days with many concurrent sessions each day. Over the fours days, PDT hosts approximately 1,900 delegates, whereas PD Week has seen as many as 4,500. The conference was attended (from left to right) by: Jim Randall (Vice-President), Chris Egan (Chief Executive Officer), Gerry Matthews (PD Week Co-Chair) and myself, Martha Okot Thomas (President). On a side note, PD Week 2017 will be held over five days to accommodate its change of venue.

The conference provided a tremendous amount of information on government financials, information technology, enterprise risk management, audit practices, communication and a few discussions on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Speakers represented the Federal Reserve, Central Intelligence Agency, NASA, national banks and many top consulting firms. These highly-qualifed speakers reminded me that capable, passionate and intelligent people are managing  the day-to-day operations.

POT2017 1

POT2017 3 POT2017 4
As with any conference, there has to be some fun!!

In other news, things are progressing nicely with the fmi*igf National Office and PD Week 2017 Organizing Committee hard at work planning November's flagship learning event. I am always grateful for the support I receive from the National Office staff. As for my priorities, development of fmi*igf's new website is moving along slower that I had hoped, but still progressing. Its progress is not unexpected as we want to ensure we do it right, not fast. In addition, Barb Kelly has done some great work on the Orientation Manuals and Lynn Carroll continues to review policies. We hope to have those completed and posted on the website in the near future. I receive great support on the National Board from my right hand man, Shawn Johnson, and I also wish to acknowledge the efforts of Nicolas Delisle, Chair of the Chapter Advisory Committee, who recently set up our Volunteer 3R Committee (Recruitment, Retention and Recognition). Board Members are hard at work on financials, governance and managing the Regions and I continue to be impressed at the dedication shown by this incredible group.

Our next Board Meeting will be held in August, followed by a review of the Audited Financial Statements in September. The annual Strategic Planning Session is also scheduled for September in Vancouver, BC.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe.

Martha Okot Thomas, CPA CA

fmi*igf National President 2016-2017

M Thomas2