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About Us

FMI Logos _E No Tag 250poxThe Financial Management Institute of Canada (fmi*igf) is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit volunteer association, founded in 1962. What started out as a small group of senior federal government accountants meeting around a lunch table to discuss issues of financial management and the role of financial advisors within government has grown to thousands of members, both within and outside the public sector, all working to improve the financial management of all levels of government across Canada.

Today the fmi*igf operates with fourteen Chapters across Canada. The fmi*igf is directed by volunteer boards, both nationally and regionally, with the support of a national office staff in Ottawa. Through a variety of volunteer committees and working groups fmi*igf delivers an annual program of learning events, seminars, workshops and webinars to its members and non-members.

The fmi*igf delivers national programs through learning events, a professional journal and webinars covering high-level, universal themes with a focus on relevant and contemporary issues in financial management. Speakers with a broad range of professional knowledge and expertise come from federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as non-government organizations.

fmi*igf Journal

The fmi*igf Journal, which is published three times a year, is Canada's leading magazine for public-sector financial managers. It offers high-quality editorial information and commentary on a timely basis contributed by recognized experts from the world of public sector financial management. Access to their insights and experience is vital to public-sector professionals whose particular challenges are not normally addressed in academic programs.

fmi*igf Webinars

fmi*igf offers members and the public an exciting series of one-hour professional development Internet presentations called "Expand Your Horizons" featuring world class speakers on subjects of interest to public sector financial employees. These free-of-charge interactive webinars can be enjoyed in the comfort of home or office and participants avoid the inconvenience and cost of travel. For members of professional accounting bodies, these webinars provide for continuing professional development learning credits.

Professional Development Week

Some 3,500 financial professionals gather annually in the Ottawa/Gatineau area for a four-day PD Week learning event delivered by some of North America's financial management leaders and top motivational speakers. Panel discussions, speakers and exhibitors expose participants to a wide range of new ideas, products and services. Topics addressed include new financial management policies and practices, legislative evolution and technological innovations. PD Week provides participants with a one-stop learning experience thereby enabling the financial community to acquire the skills, training and experience required to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of public sector financial management.

Public Sector Management Workshop

Every year, a three-day professional development workshop is organized at a different fmi*igf chapter location, alternatively in eastern or western Canada. These sessions complement the national development program but emphasize local and regional themes with a hands-on approach. Experts in public sector management share innovations and identify challenges and issues in the financial management community. This venue also provides participants an excellent networking opportunity to share successes and best practices with colleagues from across the country.

The Value of fmi*igf Membership

Both members and non-members want to know the tangible and intangible value of their memberships. Hopefully, the following will help you decide to join a fmi*igf chapter, renew your membership and/or sponsor a new member.

Tangible Benefits of fmi*igf Membership

The fmi*igf chapters are public section financial management leaders for delivering extensive, cost-effective education and training programs. This year, our fourteen chapters are offering approximately 100 events at significantly reduced cost for members. The cumulative savings to members from registering for these programs far exceed the cost of membership. fmi*igf also offers members opportunity to learn from and electronically interact with world class speakers through our no-extra cost webinar series. Furthermore, based on program evaluations from the participants, the excellent quality of these events explains why our attendance continues at high levels despite these tough financial times.

In addition, your membership includes subscription to the three issues of the fmi*igf journal annually plus e-mails with details about events and a user-friendly website offering timely information about all activities across the country.

Intangible Benefits of fmi*igf Membership

In addition to providing quality education at a reasonable cost, our chapter serves persons interested in the government financial community by promoting professional interaction, recognizing professional and academic achievement and serving the local community. Specifically:

  • Networking

fmi*igf, as a national organization of accountants, auditors, budget and finance professionals, IT experts, CFOs and other financial accountability managers, and the chapters thrive on professional interaction at all of its events. A national survey of members in 2008 found that networking was the number one reason for being a fmi*igf member. These professionals recognize that such interaction provides valuable information about topics, issues, solutions, resources and at times, employment opportunities that one may not have been aware of prior to meeting and talking to others. And beyond the professional aspect of networking, personal friendships often evolve from these encounters.

  • Recognition

fmi*igf has an outstanding reputation for recognizing the efforts of its volunteers who manage the 14 chapters throughout Canada as well as the government financial community. Many of our individual members have earned national honours for their dedication and efforts. At the Chapter level, we have our own award structure to recognize individual achievements. Further, recognition is more than individual and chapter awards; it is knowing that fmi*igf is considered a leader on a national level and is continually sought after to assist governments at all levels achieve their missions.

  • Leadership Opportunities

The chapters give an equal opportunity for all our members to serve in a leadership position, whether it is as an officer, board member or as a committee member. Voluntarily serving as a leader in the chapter provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to lead others or improve upon one's skills. It is also an effective way to demonstrate to prospective employers your skills as a leader.

  • Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a necessity in your personal and business life. Some people are naturally good communicators. For everyone else, communication is a skill that must be nurtured. Improving poor communication skills can make a huge difference in the way that you relate to others and the resultant relationship that you share. All of us can continue to improve upon our communication skills whether it is leading a team, speaking to a large group, or building networking relationships. Our chapters offer several opportunities to improve your skills by leading others, managing a project, or networking to make new friends or business relationships. You can learn by leading and/or being a team member listening and observing others as to how they use their communication skills.

  • Selling Yourself

You have heard the expression it is not what you know, but who you know. There is a lot of truth in this expression. Of course, you must have the requisite skills and abilities the perspective employer needs. But there is one factor that is important that will give you the advantage that you need to be competitive. That factor is exposure. Engaging in a fmi*igf chapter, PD Week or PSMW offers you opportunities to effectively build advocacy relationships and to demonstrate your leadership and communication skills. What does it take to gain this important advantage? There are a number of opportunities. You can learn how to effectively network. You can learn how to become an effective leader and communicator. Through your voluntary service you will show your perspective employer(s) that you are always looking for ways to increase your professional and personal development.

  • Professional Development

Through your active participation in a chapter you are taking your professional and personal development into your own hands. You can take pride that you are always looking to improve upon your professional and personal development by staying current on issues to know who is doing what and how. You can take pride in that you are not comfortable with the status quo, but you want more. You want to improve your technical and personal skills to be the best you can be.